Counter-Strike: Global Offensive в этом году исполнилось уже четыре года, но фанаты игры продолжают вести самый массовый мультиплеерный шутер в мире к совершенству. The map is a lot bigger than what you would expect too (considering this is CS:GO we're. Так вот, команда разработчиков сделала мод. Звуки в кс:го намного реалистичнее, графика лучше, стрельба приятнее из-за анимации оружия и.

Added ladders to provide an easy exit from the pit. This is a small map that I did for knife games. This is also my second map that I've ever made in any SDK:s. Special thanks to 3kliksphilip who did this possible! EDIT: Damn, didn't expect this many subscri. Awp_maya_lgz est une map awp faite pour les competitions. Les armes disponibles sont l'AWP et le couteau.


Awp_maya_lgz is a map awp for competitions. Available weapons are Awp and knife. Update: BEFORE JOINING ANY TEAM TYPE bot_quota 0 or bot_kick IN CONSOLE, OTHERWISE THE MAP WON'T WORK! KNIVES SHOULD WORK NOW! Kill the opposing team with a mixture of cannons and knives. There are aimable can. Small symetrical based map for knife fights, works best with 2v2 but can have up to 5v5.

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Any bugs please report in Bugs Discussion. This map has been recompiled for CS:GO. Therefore I am not the original author. I just had to modify some little things.

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Map made by SarahB360 and myself. Set on Mars, winning the Mars mapping competition on GameBanana's website. The terrorists must destroy either the launch rocket or the entrance to the Styricum mine, while the CT's must. The point of this map is for one team to achieve 2 goals by moving ball to enemy gate. After that, DMG is enabled and winners are moved to "VIP" lounge to kill poor losers. A Tron based Arms Race map, made by me to test custom texture possibilities on World AND PLAYERMODELS!

Players have Tron like skins! This map can also be used on Demolition. An older version of official map by Valve for demo playback compatibility.

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This map was previously used in Official Matchmaking in CS:GO. It could be played in Deathmatch, Classic Casual, and Classic Competitive. Este es el primer cuchillo que creo, espero que les guste y lo disfruten. Da tu opinion con el fin de mejorar la prxima obra, gracias;). Give us your opinion, thanks:). This belonged to a member of the military company omega during a sting operation intended to relieve the oppression imposed by a dictator. The owner of the knife, called Lieutenant Castle disappeared after conducting its target. The knife was found year. This map may be updated in the future depending on the feedback I get.

So leave comments and suggestions please. This is my version of my own version of the classic surf_monster from CSS/CSGO**. If you enjoy this map make sure to give it a thumbs up! Hope you have fun!

CS GO — Моды Карты Конфиги Настройки Новости ПлагиныПрограммы Турниры и многое другое Все о CS GO Контр Страйк — Настройки Карты Моды Плагины Скины игроков Скины оружияНовости Турниры Текстуры

A huge thank you to everyone that. Attack the ancient city in Cyprus to either attack the walled garden docks, or the gatehouse to the castle! This map was submitted for the CEVO competition and reached the final 10. Since then I have tweaked the layout and visuals to make this map more enj. Winter defuse map set in the frozen ruins of some old castle place with viaducts and other cool things. Properly playtested for weeks, might be slightly smaller than most defuse maps are due to its compact layout.

Модели оружия для Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A surf-fight map with exhilarating chases and weapons to collect. Sorry guys, can't fix this and I've tried all sorts. Using this console command works, though I know it's not the ideal solution: sv_clamp_unsafe_velocities 0. Some players may remember Mansion from that old Game Tactical Ops. It was a Hostage Rescue Map, good ol' times. This is a remake/re-designed map for Counter Strike: Globa.

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WIP: This map is a work in progress. Help me make an even more awesome map for you guys by giving me feedback! The map focuses on fast paced gameplay with alot of flanking possibilities. Class map to train your aim. Just load map, join team, open console and type: noclip to get out of the black space. Creator of the map: kataS. This map is created for Gamebanana/CEVO Mapping Contest! SANGUINIS means "Blood" in Latin! A missile base is under attack and its up to the SAS to defend the site. Terrorists are attempting to destroy either the launcher itself or the facilities' launch control room.

Features custom textures and models.

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Fan-made map based on the cult video game Resident Evil 4 for GO! Guys, please download new version with few new stuff and bug fixes. A hostage rescue map set in a Museum.

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A creationist terror-squad has taken over the Hurg Museum of Natural History! Please enjoy the youtube video in the. Kill 100 enemies with the knife in 2 mins.

Just slash, bots are on low hp. Classic iceworld-based map with Mario theme.

CS GO — Моды Карты Конфиги Настройки Новости ПлагиныПрограммы Турниры и многое другое Все о CS GO Контр Страйк — Настройки Карты Моды Плагины Скины игроков Скины оружияНовости Турниры Текстуры

All Mario themed content is copyright to Nintendo. National heritage is at risk as the terrorists try to destroy this historical castle built inside a cave mouth. My biggest map so far, contains tons of custom content! Also the map has custom sounds/soundscapes! For new catfood maps & playtests join:. Deep in the jungle the Coca FARC has taken some International Oil Prospectors as hostages. Rush is a jungle based, multiple path-multiple level Mansion/Estate inspired fast paced hostage rescue level!

Why the name Rush? Seaside is a bomb defusal map set in a decrepit port. It is a small map with water hazards.

Модели оружия для Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Players can jump over these hazards to create shortcuts and confuse their enemies. Stakes are high when a hostage situation arises in a downtown skyscraper. The sleek and modern offices of a prestigious advertising agency will soon become a merciless battleground. Agency is a hostage rescue map that focuses on indoor environments. Bomb Defusal in the Jungle.

Fast paced gameplay with a variety of options for snipers and close quarters players. Meteora is a bomb defusal map set in a mountaintop monastery.

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