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I’ve downloaded the game and played for a while, and suddenly I start getting an error that says “Steam failed to initialize.

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Please exit and try again”. I’ve uninstalled and installed back again the game and I’ve downloaded the latest crack in this page, I’ve copied the files in the crack folder but I still get the same error. I have same problem after update to 1. Update but not work. Finally i reinstall and give up to update. And already tried install on another folder, install social club first, install on other drive and still same error. When I was playing it a got this zlib error: “Failed zlib call. Please reboot or reinstall the game. And it only happened after I installed the 1.

Hi, I just installed the update, but the launcher always stop working in the middle of loading screen. I have removed all of my mods, but still can’t play it. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Hello, it says that decompression failed with error code -11 please, what i have to do to repair it? If you use 3dm version make sure to convert to reloaded version and remove all mods from game directories then update to 1. Hi Skid, im new here but i learn fast. I want to know if i can download newer update patch to this. Will it work or will it crash.

Much love from Africa. Hi my friends, you happen to know that when I get a motorcycle or auto of the new updates, whether a bike of the last dlc or the prototype car with a trainer will disappear in a few seconds? It says I am missing items when I click GTA V launcher. I am installing the updates and have not extracted them, is that the reason?

Hey skids i went to download the unlocker but both links to the 1. Has any1 got a link to the unlocker thanks coz the 1 here is going to the same set of link for the 1.

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When I try to mount setup of 1. Update through ISO I can’t enter disc F because system can’t read it. I’ve got anti-virus turned off. GTA 5 worked for one day but then the steam_api64 file (or whatever it was called) became invalid the next day Anyone else have this problem? I cracked the game and started it up using a steam emulator (so I don’t get banned) and it said that the game has a failed/not original steam_api64. I downloaded the game somewhere outside your website (sorry about that), but i want to download this update.

Is the update comes with the cracked exe?

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I have all the requirements to run gta 5 but not the RAM only. I have 2 GB RAM can I run it on its lowest setting. Any chance to download the games via torrent in future? I’ve already the game (original, version 1. If i copy the entire original folder in another path and apply only the file crack can i play without problem? You need 8gr RAM and i5 minimum for games since 2013 i think, to play with good quality and FPS. Why is the game stuttering after 10 minutes of gameplay in laptops. Don’t swear anyone on the internet just because you had a better pronounication, sir.

Anyway, if you’re looking for 1. Then you shall wait in the future. Game shows me i’ve got almost 4GB video memory- that’s not true. I’ve got only Intel HD530 (1GB of memory set in BIOS). That 4GB are from RAM, so game crashes after 5 minutes. How can i set video memory to 1GB? When i click on update then install it to folder game.

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Some msg appears to me while installing x64b. Rpf corrupted file and other some files the same problem? Can any one here help me to solve it?

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After downloading this version, do i have to install the updates and unlocker? Is it the same as copying the crack to the game folder? DLL, CRC, STEAM open, 0xc00007b, d3dx.

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Mega has limit the download, because of that, downloading the whole gta 5 package is almost impossible to unbearable is there any other service that i can use instead? Note: I use it with “Stylish” an extension for web browsers. Can this be played with mods? Since i have a original version of the GTAV and don’t want to get banned, and i heard that some cracked versions are unable to be played with mods. Thnx For this Awsome game now i finally found a good site to download games at is there away to donate to you guys for appreciated?

Can anyone tell me how to use mods in this game? Thank you so much for the very fast response admin or Skids maybe? Sorry if I have to ask that out. I just figured out the solution for megadownloader, when you copy and paste one by one links to download, it will freeze the downloading time and evantually the whole system will freeze.

Copy all the links and paste them together and download them at once, it will download at impeccable speed ranging from your internet speed. Just want to share this to help out. I want to ask one thing, if i download the files in different host, GTA V will be installed correctly anyway? Patch have the ramp car? I been try to get it but i cant find the car,even with trainers. Says invalid model when i try to get it. Is that car in another patch or what?

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Well,seems the ramp cap is in “1. Is pretty old, any new update for this game please? Why when i click at gta v launcher it says that gta v has stoped working? But for some reason the passwor on the post doesn’t work at all. If you don’t mind, it would be great if you can re-check that information. Let me know if I’m right or wrong. Bro,I DOWNLOADED THE crack and now i installed it game works. Hi, when im installing the game, the setup gives me this error:Decompression failed with error code -6, and: Unable to execute file: Grand Theft Auto V\Installers\Socual Club 1. Please help me skid i have downloaded GTA V from my friend steam library can i crack it?


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BUT WHEN IT WAS IN LOADING STORY MODE,THEN JUST CRASHED WITH “GTA STOPPED WORKING”. What is this “Unlocker” what it does? It’s any cheat for this game or i need it for correct working of this game? I’m getting the error failed to initialize. Reboot your computer or restart. Hey guys this my first time to download GTA 5 what should i download ، jast the Normal links from MEGA or i should download the update too?


I have copy the crack, but unfortunately, gta v unable to open and steam_api64. Dll is suddenly dissapear without delete it. Why do I get all these errors? D:\GTA5\Grand Themft Auto V\Installers\Social Club v1. Succeed to reinstall it i can download it without the crack and put in the exe that i have original? I’ve already finished the game with RLD base version a year ago without any issues now I’ve installed this update 1.

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And then, when applied the unlocker oops! New vehicules, guns, activities and more are available now.