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I have installed various cracks and updates and the game boots completely fine with the loading screen. However once I'm in the bank the movie scene is fine but when i begin to control my character the graphics are all messed up. What i mean is that the view on my screen is basically a wall and i can move my character into the next room by changing the viewing angle and being able to see my character but thats it! It goes into another movie screen which completely works and then all i can see is a mish mash of wall and floor and weird black lines.

My graphics card works fine and I'm using Grand Theft Auto V DLC RePack MULTi11-RG Mechanics with windows 7. Another important thing is that when i pause the game no menu appears? It is so frustrating, I have reinstalled and tried endlessly with different cracks updates etc but i have the same issue! Make sure you have the latest graphics driver. What GPU do you have? I recommend downloading another save file (for now) and move around Los Santos. Are there any graphical artifacts like the ones you are describing? My game launches, only to crash after a couple seconds, getting "Grand Theft Auto V has stopped working".

I tried running as an administrator, and I have installed all updates and cracks.

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EDIT: Figured it out, had a controller plugged in that did not have the right inputs. Did you figure out how to use that controller? I have the same problem, i've tried configuring and using x360ce before starting the game but the same crash occurs. The problem was in bad drivers which i installed over the official gamepad cd, i deleted the drivers and let Windows install them on his own. After that I just had to map the buttons inside GTA V and it worked later on.

Yeah I didn't unpack the. Bin files before I just used setup. Exe to install the game. I've tried launching it but the game immediately crashes. I've tried a lot of different crack/update combo's. The furthest I ever got was Social Club login or the launcher starting then immediately crashing ("not responding", "stopped working"). I'm re-installing right now since some files might've been quarantined by my virus blocker (which is disabled now).

Mechanics repack off pirate bay.

But I see that you're supposed to install cracks in order now so I'm doing that now. One problem: when I try to save the. Ini file, it says access is denied. Ini file, uncheck "read only" in properties.

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Oh, it was checked when I looked again. Just finished installing all the cracks.

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It seems like you're missing vital data files. Your antivirus may have deleted part of the game. You may need to redownload and install the game. Can someone help why my game crash for like 10 minute of gameplay and there are no stripper in club and my character just freeze when try to ride a bike and i cant use the stun gun? Does version 5 fix pressing q for cover crash and shooting/throwing something out of a vehicle crash? I Have Problem when i launch the launcher. Exe the 3DMINGAME1 account doenst sign in.

And then i cant play i must login. Try restarting your computer and launching the game again. Seems like Social Club is not opening correctly. The link for update v4 doesnt work, please do something about it, thanks! I can launch the game using the desktop shortcut, the 3DM Launcher, and GTAVLauncher. However, when I crouch while fighting the police in the intro cut scene, my game crashes. I get an error that says something like "Windows has detected an error in the program which has caused it to stop working.

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" I have, to the best of my ability, downloaded all the cracks in order and disabled antivirus, and cut off wifi. (Not sure if it matters, but I got the actual game files from another torrent. The bug only occurs when I crouch while fighting police in the tutorial in the beginning when robbing the bank. Edit]: I literally avoided crouching for a few extra seconds. The game didn't crash. I forgot to pause, and recrouched later on. Relaunched the game, waited for an extra second before crouching, and I was able to play on.

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I have played the game for a few hours without a single error, but most of that time was driving, not crouching. I'm in the mission where you cross the garbage truck across both lanes of the street and then you have this big firefight and then after you finish you're supposed to destroy the garbage truck. Whenever I try to destroy the truck the game just freezes and says that GTAV has encountered an error.

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Does anyone know how to fix this? I have this exact same issue, and I have never had any kind of bug in the game up until now.

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I have tried all sorts of things but the game crashes every time I do the mission - and it is a pain to have to do the whole mission to get to this spot only to have the game crash. Update: if you google 'grand theft auto 5 crash garbage truck' you will see that this bug happens to many people playing the legit game. What I did was kill myself three times in order yo be able to skip to the next checkpoint, since I already beat the game on ps3 I already knew what was coming.

It didn't work, it wont get past the Social Club Error screen then I tried to install the cracks, it still didn't work. Should I download this one instead(slow internet BTW) or is there any fix? Hey, i've copied all the cracks etc. To the GTA V folder and when i try to launch the game through the Launcher. Exe it says to run it by PlayGTAV. It worked after I used Update 1. I wont do the other updates because I fear it will break it. There's no reason for the game to break when using the latest patch. It fixes many things and includes updates from official Rockstar patches.

When i launch the game using launcher it just launches in task bar and then after some time vanishes. Applied all the cracks as you mentioned. Also tried launching through Admin privileges, and launching playgtav first and then 3dm Launcher but same thing happens. I have hp laptop with Radeon 7670 M Graphic, 4 GB Ram, Win 8. Check if your antivirus is preventing the game from launching. Also, after you crack the game, restart the computer before attempting to play the game.

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There may be hidden handles of the game in the background. Also, make sure you're using the latest patch. I have installed latest patch, restarted the computer, and antivirus is disabled but still same problem. One thing is that i have installed game in F:\ drive and windows is installed in C:\ drive, is that a problem.? Exe doesn't load for me. The launcher is saved in the same folder as GTAVLauncher. I have the updated crack v5. Any tips on how to make this work?

It isn't the anti-virus making this happen. My GTA stops working right after opening "Launcher. I have restarted, reinstalled GTA, reinstalled Social Club, all patches applied in the order above, opened "PlayGTAV. This is what my folder contains: I have been trying to fix it myself, by running some tools, checking hashes etc. Should I just drag and drop each one in order without launching the game? If anyone can provide a detailed instruction on how to install the cracks in order, that would be much appreciated. How should I launch the game?

I deleted the shortcut on the desktop. I heard you need to run a.

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Bat file that launches multiple applications or something, I might be wrong. EDIT: I already extracted the compressed file in each crack and made a new folder to extract the files to. My game isnt working properly, I downloaded the torrent file and the update files and installed them in the orded as required, however the language file did not need to be changed after every version update, something wrong here? Also, i got no desktop shortcut at all. When I try to open the game in the installation folder with the Launcher exe, it loads a bit and then freezes.

Also, is the Laucher exe the right one to start after the installation part is done? Or one of the GTAV exes?

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You will need to change the language back after every crack update. If you did not need to, then you must have missed a part of the instructions as each crack update overwrites earlier versions. Exe to play the game if no shortcut is created(for whatever reason). Then I downloaded the V2, V3, V4 and V5, and unpacked them to different folders. Then I started with V2, opened the folder I put it, and ran the installer, then I copied everything update folder, and pasted them into the normal game folder.

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It asked me to overwrite files, and I let it do it. Then I copy pasted the stuff from crack folder. Then I did the same thing with V3, V4 and V5. E: Did all the things I mentioned again, but with admin rights and now it doesnt crash. It is in chinese still though, and I did the language pack parts right I believe. Second edit, I opened the laucher in admin rights, works in english now. Seems to work for now! When I run the launcher I get missing. So far I've been slowly downloading them individually but it might take forever. It's stuff like "GFSDK_Shadowlib.

Does anyone know what I've done wrong?